Beautiful Christmas Gown a wonderful gift from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture !! GOWN: (C)CHAMPAGNE GIFT/CHRISTMAS LOVER Girl HAIR: ""D!va"" Hair "Manon" (Type A)(Onyx) MASK: BOUDOIR - Christmas Mask BRACELET: LAZURI Celeste Heirloom - Color Set 2 - Dark Gems -

Halloween is around the corner and this beautiful creation by Celestinas Weddings is an amazing option for those scary nights.... GOWN: .:(CW):. Marry the Night !!! HEADPIECE: .:(CW):. Marry the Night Mount Head Accesorie SPIDER RING: .:(CW):. Marry the Night Ring TATOO: .:(CW):. Marry the Night Tatoo MAKEUP: Madrid Solo-You Haunt Me HAIR: Boudoir -... Continue Reading →

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