Pepeke coming soon at Azul !!

" Pepeke " this amazing mesh creation by  Mami Jewell is coming soon at Azul!! Dress: -AZUL- Pepeke MeshDress Wings: -AZUL- Pepeke Wing/Excl FantasyFaire Hair: Exile::Blown Away Naturals Photo by Logan McMahn ▬ -AZUL- on SL: ▬ -AZUL- on SL Marketplace: ▬ -AZUL- on Facebook: ▬ -AZUL- on Flickr [Releases]: ▬ -AZUL- on... Continue Reading →


Last Sunday I had the pleasure to be part as a candidate of the Miss Azul 2015 Contest challenge where myself and 14 other amazing candidates were asked to style an outfit to present to the judges my joice was to make a Gown made of several other Azul  Gowns and here it is the... Continue Reading →

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