Ghee and Lazuri “I need the sun”

Lately the I have discovered how important the sun is to my health after been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and I have tried to be more outside and take good hours of sun bath. I though I should bring this up into Second Life and maybe remind all of you my friends, have you checked on your Vitamin D level lately? If you spend over 8 hours inside home or office everyday you should check yourself. A simple blood test can save you from lots of health trouble. Please click the picture below for more info on Vitamin D deficiency. Here this beautiful work done by Nimoe Constantine and very cool designs by Ghee and Lazuri ♥
dreamghee by nimoe

Hat: Lazuri Cocoa Island Hat
Swimsuit: Ghee Aloha Swimsuit
Ring: Lazuri Cocoa Island
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara

Hair Painted by Nimoe Constantine

Ghee Aloha Swimsuit HUD

Lazuri Cocoa Island Hat PIC


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