Feeling happy with ZOZ!!

Last week was very intense, very busy lots going on in my SL in special with all the shows for the PENUMBRA AW14 FASHION WEEK and as I am chilling and finally resting after the last show I received the most sweet gift from ZOZ’s designer that was a beautiful Award had sent to all the models that ran the runway wearing ZOZ. It really touched me because they not only took the time to make this customized award to each one of us models but they also sent us a beautiful note showing their appreciation for all the hard work we models do in order to be in a show the proper way. Very sweet I absolutely love it  and yes I am displaying it with pride huge Thank you ZOZ !!

dream Prize picture1

A Personal Note from ZOZ :

I am sending you this award to show gratitude in your commitment to excellence to modeling my products. I know first hand how demanding it can be on show day, and how detailed you must be while being committed to showing the product in its best light. As well as how lengthy a process it can be to become ready for those runway moments. Thank you so much for the stunning work you have done for -{ZOZ}- . I hope this award can be displayed with pride as is intended.

I look very forward to working with you again in the future.

Warm Wishes,

-{ZOZ}- Logo Main

AWARD: -{ZOZ}- Award Dreamlove – 2014

SHOES:-{ZOZ}- Cara Heels – Camel  (Exclusive item for  PENUMBRA AW14 FASHION WEEK)

NAILS: -{ZOZ}- Silver Dip Polish  (Exclusive item for  PENUMBRA AW14 FASHION WEEK)

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